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The government mulls charging for the park and ride scheme; large numbers of jellyfish are lurking off the south coast; demonstrators vent their anger at President Christodoulides' lacklustre response to Israel's continued atrocities in Gaza.

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Israel denies deliberately targeting aid workers in Gaza, while reactions to the assassination elicit differing responses; 'All you need to know about photovoltaics': a public lecture at the University of Cyprus and there's more illegal building by the Church. 

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With Easter approaching, the police warn about the dangers of firecrackers; the EAC is investigating illegal installations of photovoltaics; beware of processionary caterpillars - they can kill a dog.

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Can Cyprus achieve carbon neutrality by 2050? A huge 'toe-biter' water bug is found on the island for the first time; 'Women Walk and Talk' this weekend.

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The much-touted aid ship finally left Larnaca for Gaza this week; the CEO and Chairman of Shriners Hospitals outline their work around the world; a new law will oblige EU countries to assess the health of all soils in their territory - and they will have to clean up those that are below par.

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Shriners doctors are treating children with orthopaedic problems in Cyprus; chickens saved from slaughter are replenishing our degraded soil; British expats will see their pensions taxed at UK rates next year.

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Medieval graffiti sheds light on our history; a bicommunal survey looks at how the news we consume shapes our opinions; the Goethe Institute is back with a series of special events.

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Cyprus' new Commissioner for the Environment outlines her priorities; and young women are invited to be an 'Ambassador for a Day'.  

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We absorb them every day, but Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) can seriously affect our health: you're invited to sign a petition calling on the authorities to implement a strategic plan to control EDCs; water bills are set to rise - we get the details.

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MPs question the low prosecution rate of police officers accused of gender violence; Cyprus' job seekers database is years out of date; Limassol prepares to host the Palestinian Independent Film Festival.

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We hear about a project that cares for the vulnerable and homeless; British ex-pats should register to vote in upcoming UK elections; health-giving plants grow all over Cyprus: we go foraging.

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Cases of domestic violence have risen in the last few years: we hear how SPAVO - the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family - is dealing with the increase. The EU launches a Strategic Dialogue on the Future of Agriculture.

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We hear about the appalling conditions during the on-going tragedy in Gaza from a co-ordinator for Medecins Sans Frontieres who recently returned from a mission there.

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Following three bus fires in the last few months the Transport Ministry removes school buses from circulation, leaving thousands of pupils stranded; a Peace March in Nicosia sees a huge turnout calling for a ceasefire in Gaza; there‚Äôs been a sizeable increase in domestic violence in Cyprus  

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Maritime and Space organisations in Cyprus sign an MOU; who's pulling whose leg as regards infringements of the Akamas Plan? The forest department wants you to buy a Christmas tree in a pot so that you can use it again in the coming years.

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The authorities say they will crack down on crime organised in our prison; Tree Week starts on Sunday; Systema Cyprus invite you to enjoy A Crescendo of Dreams, and November 29th is International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People.

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A new group "United for Palestine" takes action in Nicosia; a survey into bullying in our schools finds that non Greek Cypriots are more likely to be victims, and 12.7% of Cyprus' population is diabetic.

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How do Palestinians in Cyprus keep abreast of the well-being of their loved ones in Gaza? We talk to the Embassy of Palestine about the difficulties it faces as the slaughter continues; an art competition is launched to mark International Day of Human Rights; Birdlife Cyprus celebrates its 20th birthday

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Another huge rally in Nicosia called for a ceasefire in Gaza; roads being built in Akamas breach the legally binding conditions of the Akamas Plan; the Confederation of Organisations for the Disabled demand that the Radiomarathon be scrapped.

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Keynote speakers from a conference on tourism and sustainability talk about how climate change will affect the tourist industry.

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About 40 per cent of privately owned properties are affected by the division of Cyprus; there's a public discussion next week about the property issue in the Cyprus problem; a new NGO aims to bring young people from all communities on the island together, through sport.

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An invasive poisonous fish has been seen in Cyprus' coastal waters; more Griffon vultures have been released to boost the dwindling population on the island; the Study UK Awards are open for applications

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We join the thousands who demonstrated against fascism in Nicosia last weekend; single use plastic straws were banned a year ago - but are the paper ones any better? The government wants to make Cyprus a tertiary education centre but supporting infrastructure is lacking.

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In the wake of vicious attacks on immigrants in Paphos and Limassol last week, we discuss the rise of fascism in Cyprus, and the apparent tolerance of it by the government and police.

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The hunting season starts on Sunday; Cyprus is allowed to bag 15,000 turtle doves but the hunting federation says its members work to conserve the rapidly declining species

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Government subsidies are being rolled out to increase the uptake of photovoltaics: the Energy Minister wants PVs on every roof in Cyprus; there's a beach party with a purpose in Larnaca this weekend

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It's the wildfire season in Cyprus - there are heavy penalties for those starting fires, and there is a serious lack of lifeguards on our beaches

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Cyprus will almost certainly fail to meet new EU energy savings obligations; University of Cyprus research shows how citizens can reduce their bills by harnessing solar energy

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The Minister of Transport outlines his plans to improve public transport; the House legal affairs committee prepares a bill to cover gaps in legislation for revenge porn

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As Cypriots struggle with the cost of living, the government introduces tax breaks for high-earning foreigners; an upcoming interactive history book teaches kids compassion and how to overcome stress; hundreds of citizens demonstrate against corruption

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As Brussels prepares to vote on a bill for the Restoration of Nature, Cypriot farmers block the streets of Nicosia protesting the plans to reduce pesticide use; the House Ethics Committee debates requiring capital statements from senior civil servants

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New plans have been announced for our energy sector - but are they feasible and will they work? A lot of questions remain unanswered. An event tonight will be 'Building Bridges' in the buffer zone

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A wine exhibition and tasting takes place tonight in Pissouri; the Association for Social Reform awards a leading investigative journalist; an orchestra comprised of youngsters from around the world will perform next week in Nicosia

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The Interior Minister explains his plans and new legislation for ensuring our housing stock is up to scratch; prostate cancer tests are to be rolled out across the island; the Cyprus planetarium has opened

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Why has there been such an increase in hooliganism and delinquency in Cyprus - and what (if anything) are the authorities doing about it? We can expect more frequent and intense extreme weather phenomena in the Eastern Mediterranean

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A renowned neuroscientist will give a lecture in Nicosia next week and ask whether our brains are the right size to ensure that humans avoid extinction; there are big gaps in the regulation and oversight of medical practitioners in Cyprus

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The lack of a proper regulatory framework for government appointments in Cyprus encourages nepotism and the granting of jobs to ill-qualified candidates; the first conference on Primary Care in the health sector will be held this weekend

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As complaints mount about the treatment of elderly patients in public hospitals, experts says caregivers should be employed to assist; this weekend sees an event to raise awareness about antibiotic misuse and cacti and succulents will be on display

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After almost 50 years, are Greek Cypriots who own property in the occupied areas giving up on a Cyprus solution and selling their assets? There's fun for all the family next weekend at the Akrotiri Spring Festival

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A new App will soon help you to compare supermarket prices; the Presidential Palace plans to implement a zero waste to landfill strategy; fun at the theatre: ACT presents The Mating Game this weekend

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A new book looks at how reggae icon Bob Marley was sidelined by the mainstream media; an upcoming workshop invites you to 'move with the emotion' to access - and heal - your inner self.

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Harassment and even murder have become tools to silence journalists and threaten democracy: we hear about the Council of Europe's "Journalists Matter" campaign and discuss the issues with a Maltese journalist and playwright and the son of assassinated blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia

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Influenced by skewed media reporting, many Cypriots see refugees and asylum seekers as a threat rather than an opportunity; Transformative Scenarios show what COULD happen with regard to the Cyprus problem

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Legislation will soon be in place to regulate the safe disposal of unwanted pharmaceuticals; Cyprus still has a long way to go in ensuring safety in the workplace and properly punishing those who endanger their employees

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Italian Design Day is celebrated in Cyprus; Kate Clerides' new book 'Building Bridges in a Polarised World and Divided Cyprus' will launch next week.

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A recent report says more housing could reduce soaring rental prices and over 10,000 new apartments could be built on areas already zoned for residential use in Nicosia, greatly reducing urban sprawl.

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As calls are made to expand quarrying in the sensitive Paphos area, the Akamas Plan is delayed yet again; a new ban on plastic bags is not being properly enforced

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Does Cyprus' housing stock meet ant-seismic standards? Cuvier beaked whales wash up on the island's coastline; hunters say they will obey the ban on lead shot near wetlands.

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We quiz presidential candidate Andreas Mavroyiannis about the policies he will implement if elected, and a political analyst discusses the implications of the first round results, and what we might expect in Sunday's 2nd round 

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Will the last TV debate before the presidential election flout the law and block participation of all but 3 candidates? The WHO is opening a country office in Cyprus; despite countless promises, our energy sector is still plagued by problems.

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For the first time in Cyprus, a wildlife poisoner has been handed a huge fine; a comet that passes Earth every 50,000 years will be visible next week; the island comes to a standstill with a general strike

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A damning CBS report shines the light on Cyprus' "opaque banking" and says the island is a haven for shell companies hiding sanctioned Russian assets; hikers in the Paphos forest can now stay overnight in refurbished shelters

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Bucking the mainstream media trend of only giving airtime to candidates backed by the main political parties, 2 of the independent candidates for the presidential elections explain why they are standing and outline their priorities if they are elected.

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The unequal treatment of presidential candidates by the media falls foul of the law; one candidate promises that if he is elected he and his cabinet will take a 10% pay cut to help people struggling with the cost of living crisis.

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Presidential frontrunners are avoiding discussion of the Cyprus problem despite the publication of a detailed solution plan drawn up by a bicommunal committee; parents are urged to keep an eye out for Streptococcus A infections following the death of several children in the UK

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Media freedom comes under the spotlight: data indicates that there's no transparency about media ownership in Cyprus; an upcoming hackathon will use Artificial Intelligence for the common good.

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Childhood cancers in Cyprus are among the highest in the world, and the island is one of the worst countries in the world for the misuse of antibiotics and high rates of antimicrobial resistance

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Can Cyprus even come close to meeting the new EU emissions targets - and on what does the government spend the money it gets back from EU emissions purchases? A Guinness World Record attempt this weekend at the Mushroom Festival.

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The dividing line in Cyprus facilitates human trafficking; underprivileged and refugee children give a concert for Universal Children's Rights Day; Cyprus has become an export hub for the surveillance industry

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A proposed new law will allow the government to override environmental concerns when approving big development projects; care of the elderly in Cyprus has many shortcomings; young people can become Youth champions for the environment and peace

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Could a truth commission pave the way for peace and reconciliation in Cyprus? "Fleeing to Safety": we meet a world-famous humanitarian photographer; the Environment Minister talks about the need for sustainability

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Two presidential hopefuls explain their strategies for solving the Cyprus problem; the Weeks of German Language kick off on Sunday; Ukraine's former deputy Prime Minister on the geopolitical implications of the ongoing war in his country.

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One presidential candidate explains how he will implement the policies in his manifesto; delays at the planning department are thwarting efforts to get a hospice up and running in Paphos; the Apple Festival kicks off in Kyperounda

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Medical records are being digitised for a streamlined national health service; the ban on single use plastics comes into force tomorrow; Spanish vultures are released to boost sharply declining numbers in Cyprus

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8 years after it was promised, we are still waiting for the liberalisation of the electricity market; a disturbing exhibition looks behind the scenes at illegal bird-trapping; Uriah Heep's 50th Anniversary Tour rocks the island and Mick Box admits that touring isn't as easy as it used to be

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A new study shows that the Eastern Mediterranean is a global warming 'hotspot'; should you have the new bivalent Covid vaccine being rolled out in Cyprus? The Children's Honey Festival: a fun day out to teach the kids about the importance of bees 

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A festival celebrates Cyprus' 'black gold'; children's drawings from WW2 Poland and modern day Ukraine highlight the trauma of war; are vulnerable workers being excluded from the minimum wage because a government Minister's aunt can't afford to pay it?

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Dog shelters in Cyprus are bursting at the seams as owners abandon their pets; special fish traps may help to control the invasive lion fish; credit bureaus hold your financial data - does it make borrowers and lenders more responsible?

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Amid a phone hacking scandal in Greece possibly linked to Cyprus, Cypriot SMEs are urged to beef up their cyber security; could RES-generated electricity in the buffer zone bridge the divide in Cyprus? Startups4peace invites bicommunal applications

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Half of young voters in Cyprus are not on the electoral list; one presidential candidate is offering incentives for them to sign up. Despite committing to promoting sustainable mobility, new legislation will discourage cycling and e-scooters

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Will the environment department's recommendations be included in the final Akamas development plan, and are they enough to ensure its integrity? Cyprus' first maritime archaeological park opens in Limassol

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Should old buildings in Cyprus be inspected and certified as safe before they can be rented out? Photos taken by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope wow an audience in Nicosia. 

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The government forges ahead with new roads and infrastructure in the sensitive Akamas peninsula; the Czech Republic assumes the presidency of the European Council; there are opportunities for Cyprus in the EU's new solar energy strategy

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What should the government do about the rising cost of electricity, and is a price cap on petrol and diesel a realistic solution to soaring fuel prices?

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Citizens mobilise to protest against plans for development in the sensitive Akamas Peninsula; a Japanese-inspired kite flying contest will take place across the green line in Nicosia

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Cyprus' first ever Veterinary School opens in September - and could greatly improve animal welfare on the island; robots will be in action at the upcoming Robotex competition, and lack of care for the environment is again making headlines

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We look in depth at the state of the Cyprus economy and discuss the geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean in light of elections next year both in Cyprus and Turkey - is the annexation of north Cyprus a possibility?

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Are we about to destroy Cyprus' last area of outstanding natural beauty? Did a Spanish spy plot to overthrow north African leaders from his base in Cyprus in the 19th century?

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For the first time in 20 years Cypriots can travel to the European mainland by sea; Pianosfest2 showcases 4 talented Cypriot pianists; a bicommunal children's party in the park aims to raise funds for children with cancer

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The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce calls on the government to tackle food insecurity; high blood pressure, hypertension, is a silent killer that affects over one billion people globally; one of Europe's preeminent chamber music festivals kicks off next week

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A huge blow to Cyprus' most endangered species as 3 vultures are found dead; do the proposals for a minimum wage need tweaking before becoming law? A local charity is asking for musical instruments you no longer use.

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Proposed legislation for a minimum wage excludes some of the most vulnerable groups of workers; 5G now covers all of Cyprus; the newly appointed Deputy Minister for Culture outlines his priorities; May 8th is International Thalassemia Day

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Ypsonas becomes the first Municipality in Cyprus to sign a zero waste pledge; the Cities & Communities Programme Coordinator at  Zero Waste Europe explains how we can reduce our negative impact on the planet.

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Long awaited local government reform may be scuppered (and with it a tranche of EU funding) by the President's refusal to sign off the relevant Bill; choking Saharan dust has plagued the island this week, with high levels of particulate matter threatening public health

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The law banning single use plastics in Cyprus has been put back yet again - until September; dead animals from Limassol zoo are found dumped in a landfill; a new campaign for gender equality invites public participation

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If Vladimir Putin succeeds in toppling the Ukrainian government, the road ahead will be fraught with difficulties; how and when will the abuses in Cyprus' national health service be fixed?

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Women, peace-building and climate change in a divided Cyprus;  are new synergies needed for success? Women bear the brunt of conflict: the basics are ignored; Cyprus marks World Oral Health Day with free checkups.

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Can an independent candidate for next year's presidential election buck voting trends in Cyprus? The Auditor General releases a damning report on developments in the Akamas peninsula

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Will sanctions on Russia have the desired effect - or will the West's energy needs come first, and what are the alternatives? Demonstrators gather in Nicosia to protest against Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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Systematic gender discrimination in the Cyprus national guard is under the spotlight; a lizard is added to the island's rich list of endemic species; efforts continue to promote sustainable tourism and the reduction of plastic

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A catalogue of delays, failures and incompetence in the energy sector is costing Cypriot taxpayers millions of Euros.

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Are plans to make bicycle helmets compulsory detracting from the lack of proper road safety infrastructure in Cyprus? Disabled people who use assistance dogs are facing discrimination, which is illegal under EU law.

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Are both sides in Cyprus are using the issue of Varosha for their own political ends? After a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court will the Ayia Napa rape case now be fully and properly investigated and those accused face justice? Buses in Nicosia and Larnaca now offer 5G connectivity.

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Cyprus drops down the corruption rankings; a new law aims to protect whistleblowers, but will it work? The cold snap will continue for the next few days but milder conditions are expected in February. 

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Dead flamingo indicates that Cyprus' wetlands are poisoned with lead pellets; government policies are exacerbating tension between refugees and host communities, as well as infringing human rights

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How serious is Cyprus about the European Green Deal and sustainable mobility solutions? If citizens understood the true cost of car ownership (almost 400 euros per month) they might look for more cost effective alternatives, but are these available?

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Cyprus will participate for the first time in the World Poetry Slam Championship; the Italian ambassador leaves with fond memories of Cyprus; the EU Commission Representation in Cyprus hosts an online discussion about migration and integration

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Despite Covid restrictions, the Christmas mountain villages will go ahead; Italy honours Rita Severis for her contribution to bilateral cultural relations, and before leaving the island, the UN special advisor tells Cypriots not to give up hope for a Cyprus solution

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Could the Omicron Covid variant bring herd immunity? The EU Commission Vice President lambasts some MEPs about migration; Cypriots take to the streets to save the Akamas peninsula from unbridled development; it's been Italian cuisine week

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