The Cyprus News Digest
Cyprus News Digest 25th June 2015

Deputy Minister to the President, Constantinos Petrides (pictured), says there's an urgent need for reform of the Civil Service, and his measures should be passed by Parliament before the summer recess; the Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, George Lakkotrypis, says things are getting better for Cyprus businesses; Irish experts share their best practices on entrepreneurship; you can broaden your horizons with a MOOC.

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Cyprus News Digest 18th June 2015

We discuss a conference on Trafficking in Women for Labour Exploitation in Domestic Work with three of the keynote speakers; hear about the International Lady Margaret Cavendish Conference from Professor Jim Fitzmaurice (pictured), and upcoming events - including a call for your videos by France's Arte TV. 


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Cyprus News Digest 11th June 2015

'Bloomsday' will be celebrated with a night of Irish Literature in Nicosia; the Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development urges us to "Say No to plastic bags"; the bi-communal Technical Committee for Cultural Heritage is preparing for the ceremony to mark the restoration of Othello's Tower in Famagusta (pictured)

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Cyprus News Digest 4th June 2015

Solar-powered cars take to the streets of Nicosia; environmental NGO's campaign against government proposals to legalise bird trapping (pictured); the UN and EU express "hope" for a Cyprus settlement; the Ecofestival celebrates natural products.

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