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The Education Minister promises reforms and the introduction of critical thinking in our schools;  the Fire Service gears up for the wildfire season; the Interior Ministry is investigating fraudulent voter registrations.

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A bee park opens outside Nicosia; Cypriot winemakers showcase their products; young people compete at the SCyence Fair; Systema Cyprus teams up with young french musicians for Melange Musical.

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The government mulls charging for the park and ride scheme; large numbers of jellyfish are lurking off the south coast; demonstrators vent their anger at President Christodoulides' lacklustre response to Israel's continued atrocities in Gaza.

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Israel denies deliberately targeting aid workers in Gaza, while reactions to the assassination elicit differing responses; 'All you need to know about photovoltaics': a public lecture at the University of Cyprus and there's more illegal building by the Church. 

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