The Cyprus News Digest
Cyprus News Digest 25th September 2015

This year's Cyprus Rally is the fastest in its 44 year history; the Polish Lotos Rally Team are eyeing the European Rally Championship; the United Nations "International Day of Peace" is marked with a candle lighting ceremony in the buffer zone (pictured) 

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Cyprus News Digest 18th September 2015

Motor sport fans are gearing up for the Cyprus Rally; people across the island are mobilising to support Syrian refugees (pictured); how well do you look after your heart?

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Cyprus News Digest 11th September 2015

Cypriot leaders Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Ackinci (pictured) talk about their joint vision for the reunification of Cyprus; coping with refugees and their integration into the community; a bi-communal Europe Direct office opens in the buffer zone; two artists present an alternative 'Vision of Nicosia'.

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Cyprus News Digest 4th September 2015

The President honours a long-serving member of the Overseas Cypriots (pictured), the UN clears mines from the buffer zone, and the Kypria International Festival brings us a feast of culture.

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