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As Brussels prepares to vote on a bill for the Restoration of Nature, Cypriot farmers block the streets of Nicosia protesting the plans to reduce pesticide use; the House Ethics Committee debates requiring capital statements from senior civil servants

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New plans have been announced for our energy sector - but are they feasible and will they work? A lot of questions remain unanswered. An event tonight will be 'Building Bridges' in the buffer zone

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A wine exhibition and tasting takes place tonight in Pissouri; the Association for Social Reform awards a leading investigative journalist; an orchestra comprised of youngsters from around the world will perform next week in Nicosia

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The Interior Minister explains his plans and new legislation for ensuring our housing stock is up to scratch; prostate cancer tests are to be rolled out across the island; the Cyprus planetarium has opened

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Why has there been such an increase in hooliganism and delinquency in Cyprus - and what (if anything) are the authorities doing about it? We can expect more frequent and intense extreme weather phenomena in the Eastern Mediterranean

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