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Maritime and Space organisations in Cyprus sign an MOU; who's pulling whose leg as regards infringements of the Akamas Plan? The forest department wants you to buy a Christmas tree in a pot so that you can use it again in the coming years.

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The authorities say they will crack down on crime organised in our prison; Tree Week starts on Sunday; Systema Cyprus invite you to enjoy A Crescendo of Dreams, and November 29th is International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People.

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A new group "United for Palestine" takes action in Nicosia; a survey into bullying in our schools finds that non Greek Cypriots are more likely to be victims, and 12.7% of Cyprus' population is diabetic.

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How do Palestinians in Cyprus keep abreast of the well-being of their loved ones in Gaza? We talk to the Embassy of Palestine about the difficulties it faces as the slaughter continues; an art competition is launched to mark International Day of Human Rights; Birdlife Cyprus celebrates its 20th birthday

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Another huge rally in Nicosia called for a ceasefire in Gaza; roads being built in Akamas breach the legally binding conditions of the Akamas Plan; the Confederation of Organisations for the Disabled demand that the Radiomarathon be scrapped.

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