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Is Cyprus' treatment of refugees pushing them into the arms of traffickers and criminal gangs? With corruption on the rise across the world, investigative journalists hold their global conference in Sweden; a photographic archive goes on display in Nicosia next week.

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We join the thousands who demonstrated against fascism in Nicosia last weekend; single use plastic straws were banned a year ago - but are the paper ones any better? The government wants to make Cyprus a tertiary education centre but supporting infrastructure is lacking.

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In the wake of vicious attacks on immigrants in Paphos and Limassol last week, we discuss the rise of fascism in Cyprus, and the apparent tolerance of it by the government and police.

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A new park-and-ride scheme comes into force next week that aims to cut traffic congestion and air pollution in Nicosia; the Committee for Missing Persons can become a Truth Commission to bring closure for grieving relatives - but how will it work?

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