The Cyprus News Digest
Cyprus News Digest 27th March 2015

Where do you keep yours? That's a question being asked by the British Foreign Office; humanitarian organisations slam the UN over Syria; a man before his time: Sir Walter Sendall's time as Governor of Cyprus is documented in a new book (pictured)

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Cyprus News Digest 19th March 2015

Nicosia's Town Hall gets "greened" for St Patrick's day; 21st March is World Down's Syndrome Day; the intriguing story of Shakespeare's backstabbing 'supporters' - we talk to Chris Laoutaris (pictured) about his book 'Shakespeare and the Countess'. 

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Cyprus News Digest March 12th 2015

The tragic life of Cyprus' last queen, Katerina Cornaro, brought to life; working towards better security for tourists: Peter Castleton (pictured) from Brighton and Hove on the UK's south coast shares best practice; more scandals are brewing in the banking sector.

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Cyprus News Digest 5th March 2015

A new survey suggests that Greek and Turkish Cypriots are moving further apart; Cyprus ranked 22nd out of 28 countries in the EU digital index; Mario Draghi (pictured), President of the European Central Bank, announced that interest rates would remain unchanged after the ECB Governing Council held its meeting in Nicosia. 

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