The Cyprus News Digest
Cyprus News Digest 1st April 2016

A Cyprus solution is possible before year's end, according to the UN's Special Advisor on Cyprus (pictured); Larnaca airport closes during a hijacking stand-off; British hostages are among the last to be freed; and a local rally ace promotes road safety for young drivers.

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Cyprus News Digest 25th March 2016

A new app helps you find people in your area with shared interests; the European Investment Bank supporting strategic investments, and we hear about the Investment Plan for Europe; A Bio Bank at the University of Cyprus offers researchers a valuable tool.

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Cyprus News Digest 18th March 2016

More people around the world die from contaminated water than from violence and wars put together - we speak to the inventor of a simple device that could change that (pictured); academics gather on Othello's island; it's 400 years since he died, but Shakespeare Lives in 2016, and techies team up with artists for a Culture shift.

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Cyprus News Digest 11th March 2016

Greek and Turkish Cypriots unite to condemn the torching of Denia mosque; endangered griffon vultures are found dead; Professor Constantinos Deltas (pictured) says Cypriots suffering from a rare kidney disease may be the first to take part in clinical trials for a promising new drug

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Cyprus News Digest 4th March 2016

Women's Film Week expands to Larnaca and Famagusta; Climate Launchpad encourages clean tech startups; we look in depth at the 'black gold' of Cyprus with Professor Antonis Kakas (pictured). 

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