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The government mulls charging for the park and ride scheme; large numbers of jellyfish are lurking off the south coast; demonstrators vent their anger at President Christodoulides' lacklustre response to Israel's continued atrocities in Gaza.

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Israel denies deliberately targeting aid workers in Gaza, while reactions to the assassination elicit differing responses; 'All you need to know about photovoltaics': a public lecture at the University of Cyprus and there's more illegal building by the Church. 

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With Easter approaching, the police warn about the dangers of firecrackers; the EAC is investigating illegal installations of photovoltaics; beware of processionary caterpillars - they can kill a dog.

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Can Cyprus achieve carbon neutrality by 2050? A huge 'toe-biter' water bug is found on the island for the first time; 'Women Walk and Talk' this weekend.

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The much-touted aid ship finally left Larnaca for Gaza this week; the CEO and Chairman of Shriners Hospitals outline their work around the world; a new law will oblige EU countries to assess the health of all soils in their territory - and they will have to clean up those that are below par.

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Shriners doctors are treating children with orthopaedic problems in Cyprus; chickens saved from slaughter are replenishing our degraded soil; British expats will see their pensions taxed at UK rates next year.

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Medieval graffiti sheds light on our history; a bicommunal survey looks at how the news we consume shapes our opinions; the Goethe Institute is back with a series of special events.

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Cyprus' new Commissioner for the Environment outlines her priorities; and young women are invited to be an 'Ambassador for a Day'.  

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We absorb them every day, but Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) can seriously affect our health: you're invited to sign a petition calling on the authorities to implement a strategic plan to control EDCs; water bills are set to rise - we get the details.

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MPs question the low prosecution rate of police officers accused of gender violence; Cyprus' job seekers database is years out of date; Limassol prepares to host the Palestinian Independent Film Festival.

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We hear about a project that cares for the vulnerable and homeless; British ex-pats should register to vote in upcoming UK elections; health-giving plants grow all over Cyprus: we go foraging.

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Cases of domestic violence have risen in the last few years: we hear how SPAVO - the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family - is dealing with the increase. The EU launches a Strategic Dialogue on the Future of Agriculture.

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We hear about the appalling conditions during the on-going tragedy in Gaza from a co-ordinator for Medecins Sans Frontieres who recently returned from a mission there.

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