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Cyprus News Digest 2nd July 2015

Israel hijacks a boat on the high seas: we talk to one of the founders of the Free Gaza Movement (pictured); should a different methodology be adopted for the Cyprus settlement negotiations? Animal rights activists demonstrate outside the Presidential Palace.

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Cyprus News Digest 25th June 2015

Deputy Minister to the President, Constantinos Petrides (pictured), says there's an urgent need for reform of the Civil Service, and his measures should be passed by Parliament before the summer recess; the Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, George Lakkotrypis, says things are getting better for Cyprus businesses; Irish experts share their best practices on entrepreneurship; you can broaden your horizons with a MOOC.

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Cyprus News Digest 18th June 2015

We discuss a conference on Trafficking in Women for Labour Exploitation in Domestic Work with three of the keynote speakers; hear about the International Lady Margaret Cavendish Conference from Professor Jim Fitzmaurice (pictured), and upcoming events - including a call for your videos by France's Arte TV. 


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Cyprus News Digest 11th June 2015

'Bloomsday' will be celebrated with a night of Irish Literature in Nicosia; the Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development urges us to "Say No to plastic bags"; the bi-communal Technical Committee for Cultural Heritage is preparing for the ceremony to mark the restoration of Othello's Tower in Famagusta (pictured)

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Cyprus News Digest 4th June 2015

Solar-powered cars take to the streets of Nicosia; environmental NGO's campaign against government proposals to legalise bird trapping (pictured); the UN and EU express "hope" for a Cyprus settlement; the Ecofestival celebrates natural products.

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Cyprus News Digest 28th May 2015

We discuss EU development goals for the Middle East and North Africa, and talk to Professor Farid Mirbagheri (pictured) about the political dynamics of the region; an exhibition to mark International Biodiversity Day; the Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival.

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Cyprus News Digest 21st May 2015

After almost 2 years, a Turkish Cypriot couple (pictured) are still waiting for the case brought against them for flying a Republic of Cyprus flag outside their shop in Famagusta to be heard in court; the Pharos International Chamber Music Festival gets under way with world-renowned musicians performing in unique settings; historic cars take to the roads 

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Cyprus News Digest May 14th 2015

We meet Cyprus' Eurovision hopeful John Karayiannis (pictured) and the composer of his song; European NGOs call on citizens to sign their 'Nature Alert'; the GSP stadium complex hopes to attract foreign athletes to train in Cyprus.

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Cyprus News Digest 7th May 2015

A popular movement hopes to open a crossing between Dherynia and Famagusta; Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) was the topic of discussion at the University of Nicosia this week, sponsored by the Spanish embassy. It follwed a screening of the Bref documentary by Christina Pitouli (pictured) 

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Cyprus News Digest April 30th 2015

The European Parliament is clamping down on the use of plastic bags - we talk to Rapporteur Margrete Auken (pictured); Cypriot MEP Takis Hadjigeorgiou talks about his work, and his desire for a Cyprus settlement.

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Cyprus News Digest 23rd April 2015

Opito launches in Cyprus for best practice in the oil and gas industry, we talk to their Chief Executive David Doig (pictured); and art is blossoming in Limassol.

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Cyprus News Digest 9th April 2015

The UN expects Cyprus negotiations to restart soon; will cuts in pharmaceutical prices lead to some medicines becoming unavailable in Cyprus?  Quentin Cooper (pictured) talks about the fascination of science, and FameLab.

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Cyprus News Digest 27th March 2015

Where do you keep yours? That's a question being asked by the British Foreign Office; humanitarian organisations slam the UN over Syria; a man before his time: Sir Walter Sendall's time as Governor of Cyprus is documented in a new book (pictured)

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Cyprus News Digest 19th March 2015

Nicosia's Town Hall gets "greened" for St Patrick's day; 21st March is World Down's Syndrome Day; the intriguing story of Shakespeare's backstabbing 'supporters' - we talk to Chris Laoutaris (pictured) about his book 'Shakespeare and the Countess'. 

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Cyprus News Digest March 12th 2015

The tragic life of Cyprus' last queen, Katerina Cornaro, brought to life; working towards better security for tourists: Peter Castleton (pictured) from Brighton and Hove on the UK's south coast shares best practice; more scandals are brewing in the banking sector.

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Cyprus News Digest 5th March 2015

A new survey suggests that Greek and Turkish Cypriots are moving further apart; Cyprus ranked 22nd out of 28 countries in the EU digital index; Mario Draghi (pictured), President of the European Central Bank, announced that interest rates would remain unchanged after the ECB Governing Council held its meeting in Nicosia. 

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Cyprus News Digest 26th February 2015

Do you know your consumer rights as a European citizen? An award for engineering excellence; victims of human trafficking in Cyprus are being left destitute by inadequate government agencies: we discuss the problems with Doros Polykarpou (pictured) of KISA (Action for Equality, Support, Anti-racism).

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The Cyprus News Digest 19th February 2015

Musical theatre with the Limassol Theatre Arts School's original production of 'Frozen'; Eurobarometer 82 shows Cypriots are concerned about unemployment and the economy, but EU Commission Representation Head George Markopouliotis (pictured) says the issues are being addressed; a local NGO is offering free legal advice to asylum seekers.

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Cyprus News Digest 12th February 2015

The European Citizen's Award goes jointly to a Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot nominated by Cyprus' MEPs including Neoklis Sylikiotis (pictured); One Billion Rising to protest violence against women; Cyprus has one of the highest rates in the world of Caesarean sections - we ask the Medical Association why.

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Cyprus News Digest February 5th 2015

After the demise of Cyprus Airways, Cyprus' Transport Minister Marios Demetriades (pictured) admits that the state was "not efficient" running a state-owned airline; YinAlithea aims to empower women; the Cyprus National Health scheme will rely on family doctors: a new course in Nicosia offers the requisite training.

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Cyprus News Digest 29th January 2015

The UN Secretary General's Special Advisor on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide, reports to the Security Council; we talk to Boogie Woogie ambassador Axel Zwingenberger (pictured), and hear about the Cyprus Friendship Programme.

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Cyprus News Digest 22nd January 2015

Despite falling oil and electricity prices, Cypriot consumers are seeing no reduction in retail prices; Cyprus football is reeling from match-fixing allegations that point the finger at some of the sport's top officials. We discuss the effect this is having on the game with Spyros Neophytides (pictured), Chairman of the Players' Association and a board member of FIFPro.

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Cyprus News Digest January 15th 2015

Improving your communication skills can improve your life; we discuss the proposed foreclosures legislation and ask what protection is in place for primary residences.

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Cyprus News Digest January 8th 2015

Rachel Moran (pictured) became a prostitute at the age of 15. Seven years later she turned her life around and wrote a book: ‘Paid For: My Journey Through Prostitution’. She gives a chilling insight into prostitution and its consequences. The camp housing Syrians rescued from a sinking ship off the Cyprus coast last September is to close; we ask what will become of the migrants – one of whom was recently found hanged?

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Cyprus News Digest January 1st 2015

Professor David Haslam (pictured), Chairman of NICE, on the need for medical guidance for GPs; putting past tragedy behind them, a Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot work for reconciliation; a photography exhibition that captures the memory of conflict; a new book looks at options for resolving the Cyprus problem. 

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Cyprus News Digest 18th December 2014

The UN Secretary General's Special Advisor on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide, talks exclusively to the Cyprus News Digest. Former Cyprus President George Vassiliou (pictured) speaks frankly about his life, his time in office, and the catalogue of missed opportunities to solve the Cyprus problem.

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Cyprus News Digest December 11th 2014

Energy questions drive global politics: we talk to Gal Luft, (pictured) co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security; Classic cars on a Christmas fundraiser; Freedom Dolls launch a Christmas single with Harri Kakloullis of Squeeze; 

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Cyprus News Digest December 4th 2014

The U.N. Secretary General's Special Advisor on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide (pictured), talks at length about the Cyprus issue, Europe and regional conflicts. Nicosia prepares for the 2nd Chocolate Festival; and it's pantomime time.

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Cyprus News Digest 27th November 2014

The 11th Cyprus Entrepreneurship competition; we talk to Henri Malosse (pictured), the President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), and hear from a lawyer who is risking jail and disbarment by undertaking civil disobedience.

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Cyprus News Digest 20th November 2014

British High Commissioner Ric Todd (pictured) talks about his hopes for his Cyprus tenure; Psychiatrist Dr Brenda Davies returns for a series of workshops; a lecture on the history of Nicosia airfield: from landing ground to international airport.

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Cyprus News Digest November 13th 2014

Proposed reforms for local government miss vital issues; Nicosia's Mayor (pictured) denies mismanagement of the revamp of the city centre; a Pop-Up Festival aims to breathe life back into the dying central shopping area of the capital, and local authorities face allegations of 'irregularities'.

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Cyprus News Digest November 6th 2014

Party leaders address the 10th Cyprus Summit organised by The Economist; Cyprus' Finance Minister says we must stay on the path of reform and avoid populism; Major General Kristin Lund (pictured) becomes the United Nations’ first ever female Force Commander.

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Cyprus News Digest 30th October 2014

Egypt's Foreign Minister (pictured) condemns Turkish incursions into Cyprus' EEZ; shocking EU figures show some 30,000 people are being trafficked in the bloc - we hear about measures to combat the trade in human beings; Evergreen Latzia: Limassol artists act against deforestation; help for the needy via Kindness in a Box.

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Cyprus News Digest October 23rd 2014

Cyprus' Government Spokesman on the response to Turkey's incursion into the island's EEZ; Transport Minister Marios Demetriades discusses hybrid and electric mobility; Cleantech start-up winners; harpist Kathrin Pechlof (pictured) brings a new colour to jazz

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Cyprus News Digest October 16th 2014

We talk to one of the Syrian refugees (pictured) who was rescued off the coast of Cyprus recently - and ask if the government is being totally honest with them about their future; Sir Stelios Hadjioannou's "food from the heart" for needy Cypriots; Dance House Lefkosia promotes its new home.

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Cyprus News Digest October 9th 2014

A transparency/whistle-blowing hotline is launched in Cyprus; we meet the daughter of the only Governor of Cyprus (Sir William Denis Battershill, pictured) who is buried on the island; the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends raises funds for its home care scheme; the International Short Film Festival kicks off with 3D mapping.

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Cyprus News Digest 2nd October 2014

The death toll in the Mediterranean rises, while Europe looks the other way: we discuss Amnesty International's latest report with John Dalhuisen (pictured), Amnesty International's Programme Director for Europe and Central Asia. 'Writing Nicosia'; should we want our children to be happy? And theatre on a rooftop;

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Cyprus News Digest 25th September 2014

The Centre for Visual Arts and Research opens in Nicosia; Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, former president of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (pictured) says Caesarean section rates can have a serious impact on child health; artist Stass Paraskos is honoured in Leeds; Cyprus and the First World War

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Cyprus News Digest September 18th 2014

How important is oil for ISIS, and the Kurds, in Iraq - and who is buying it? Rafiq Latta (pictured) writes for the Energy Intelligence Group; Refugee integration - or the lack of it - in Cyprus; the Cyprus Rally will cross into the Turkish Cypriot areas for the first time; downloadable booklets to help carers of people suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia.

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Cyprus News Digest September 11th 2014

'To Hell with Culture' - as the film premieres in Cyprus we talk to the son of famed art critic and anarchist Herbert Read; is Cyprus' coastline up for sale? and Recep Tayip Erdogan (pictured) makes some ambiguous statements on a visit to northern Cyprus. We discuss what effect his election to the Turkish Presidency might have on Cyprus' reunification negotiations.

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Cyprus News Digest September 4th 2014

Cyprus goes 'back to school': we hear about an essay competition, and a plan to introduce school 'swap shops', and we discuss the implications of Recep Tayip Erdogan's election as President of Turkey with James Ker Lindsay (pictured), Senior Research Fellow at the London School of Economics,

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Cyprus News Digest August 28th 2014

Cyprus' Foreign Minister (pictured) says the British Bases can be used for attacks on ISIS; the Russell Tribunal on Palestine convenes an extraordinary session in Brussels; Limassol's wine festival kicks off.

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Cyprus News Digest August 14th 2014

Energy security in the Eastern Mediterranean - as Israel decides to send gas to Egypt, what next for Cyprus gas, and can Gaza utilise its reserves? We talk to Fiona Mullen (pictured) from Sapienta Economics. From Fukushima to Cyprus: raising awareness about the fallout from the Fukushima nuclear disaster; the British Council holds the Education UK clearing exhibition.


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Cyprus News Digest August 7th 2014

Volunteering is to be introduced into Cypriot schools; we talk to Israeli activist Miko Peled about the situation in Gaza; Dave de Rose hold a drumming workshop in Cyprus. 

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Cyprus News Digest July 31st 2014

A new film, The Faces of Phlamoudhi, chronicles the lives of villagers driven from their village in the 1974 Turkish invasion; the view from Jerusalem: the temporary Dean of St Paul's Cathedral talks about conflict resolution in Palestine; Cyprus Health Minister Philippos Patsalis (pictured) explains the workings of the new National Health scheme.

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Cyprus News Digest July 24th 2014

The Israeli Foreign Ministry says Hamas is to blame for the death of children in Gaza; Jewish Voice for Peace is rallying global support to end the occupation of Gaza; Cyprus' former Finance Minister discusses the Cyprus Central Bank's decision to place the Federal Bank of the Middle East under resolution.

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Cyprus News Digest July 17th 2014

Cyprus' Minister of Labour discusses the new Guaranteed Minimum Income law; Archaeologist Joan Breton Connelly challenges accepted wisdom on the Parthenon; citizens demand an end to illegal works on Cyprus' coastline.

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Cyprus News Digest July 10th 2014

Learn Greek in one weekend with Language Transfer; Italy assumes the EU Presidency; villages in Cyprus face water shortages this summer. 

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Cyprus News Digest July 3rd 2014

The United Nations Committee Against Torture (CAT) has published  its conclusions on the Republic of Cyprus; the International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama kicks off in Paphos; Cyprus' Ladybug project reaches the finals of the Imagine Cup; The British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) revealed in a hilarious and frank expose by Peter McDonagh.

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Cyprus News Digest 26 June 2014

Shocking figures are released by the UNHCR on World Refugee Day; the head of Cyprus' asylum services says some asylum seekers cheat the authorities; after a damning World Bank report, the Minister of Education, Costas Kadis (pictured) says reforms can be implemented; and there's some good news for people who took legal action in UK after being mis-sold mortgages and property in Cyprus.

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Cyprus News Digest 19 June 2014

The head of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) talks about the agreement signed with Cyprus (pictured); we hear about an independent Cypriot film that premieres this week, and discuss the new law aimed at protecting children from sexual abuse. 

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Cyprus News Digest 12 June 2014

Bridging the divide in Cyprus through dialogue; we talk to the chief of the RSPB's investigations unit; and hear about the Peace Dividend: a solution to the Cyprus problem could benefit the island to the tune of 20 billion euros, according to a report published last week co-authored by economist Fiona Mullen (pictured).



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Cyprus News Digest June 5th 2014

Anna Vissi supported Cyprus' first ever Gay Pride march which brought thousands out onto the streets; former British deputy Prime Minister John Prescott talks about climate change; and moves to ensure the conservation of Europe's fly-ways for migrating birds, hundreds of thousands of which are illegally trapped in Cyprus each year. 

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Cyprus News Digest May 29 2014

US Vice President Joe Biden wraps up his visit to Cyprus, thousands of Turkish Cypriot voters are disenfranchised by a fiasco at the EU elections - one of the candidates, Deniz Birinci (pictured) says the election must be re-run; we hear about 'cultivating peace, one heart at a time', and Cyprus prepares for its first ever Gay Pride march.

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Cyprus News Digest May 22 2014

Former British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott discusses the Ukraine crisis; Europeans go to the polls to elect the new Parliament; Cyprus-based author Paul Stewart launches his new book; Scottish actor Matthew McVarish in Cyprus on The Road to Change, raising awareness about child sexual abuse.

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Cyprus News Digest

Turkey is ordered to pay Cyprus 90 million Euros in a landmark ECHR decision - we discuss the implications with human rights lawyer Achilleas Demetriades (pictured), who says the Cyprus government should pay the same compensation received by Greek Cypriots from Turkey to relatives of the Turkish Cypriot missing persons. Can the Cyprus Rugby team extend its record-breaking run of 22 consecutive wins? The Pharos International Chamber Music Festival kicks off next week; the UN Special Representative in Cyprus hails the Home For Co-operation in the buffer zone; 

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Cyprus News Digest May 8 2014

This week we discuss the change in Cyprus' policy on renewable energy, talk to Hungary's Ambassador at large for Energy, Dr Anita Orban (pictured); meet Russian businessman Andrey Dashin and his wife Julia as they launch their new charitable Foundation, and hear about "Let's Disrupt Cyprus". 

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Cyprus News Digest May 1st 2014

Wilde Conversations in Nicosia; the Visegrad group looks at energy options in the Eastern Mediterranean; Global Entrepreneurship Week kicks off in Cyprus; the Syrian crisis and migration policy in Cyprus and Europe; photographer Achilleas Zavallis (see picture) talks about his time in Syria documenting the conflict.

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Cyprus News Digest April 24th 2014

Making halloumi in Australia; 60 Cypriot Spiders - a new book launches next week; Ian Gillan of Deep Purple defends the band's decision to perform in the occupied north of Cyprus; Communications Minister Marios Demetriades (pictured) on the role of IT in Cyprus' economic growth. 

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Cyprus News Digest 17 April 2014

Viennese music at the Presidential Palace raises funds for handicapped children; Crimestoppers return to Cyprus looking for 11 fugitives from Gritish justice; the Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) warns that there are safety issues at the Tsirion Stadium in Limassol; and for the first time in 57 years, an orthodox Easter service will be held on Good Friday at Ayios Georgios Eksorinos church in Famagusta. Famagusta mayor Alexis Galanos (pictured) says it gives a message of hope.

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Cyprus News Digest April 10th 2014

The role of civil society in the peace process; the inauguration of Nicosia's new Waste Water Treatment Plant by EU Commissioner Stefan Fule, and Amnesty International exposes "a long-standing culture of impunity, entrenched racism and endemic violence" in the Greek police. 

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Cyprus News Digest

Let's Do It Cyprus plans to clean up the island; could the apathy of European voters change the demographic of the European Parliament? Women take action to defend the right to abortion in Europe - we speak to the President of the European Women's Lobby Viviane Teitelbaum (pictured); The UN Special Advisor on Cyprus, Alexander Downer, shares some thoughts on the Cyprus problem.

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Cyprus News Digest

The deadline for registration for the Euro elections is April 2nd; the International Dean of the Cyprus International Institute of Management on nationalised industries and the burden of austerity; once again Amnesty International condemns the way Cyprus treats migrants; UN Special Advisor Alexander Downer (pictured) prepares to leave Cyprus; Prince Charles wades in on the issue of illegal bird-trapping in Cyprus.

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Cyprus News Digest

This week: Canadian veterans return to mark the 50th anniversary of their arrival in Cyprus as peacekeepers; changes to the UK visa application process in Cyprus; the Ambassador of Finland on Women in Politics; hip hop band Audiopharmacy; March 21st is World Down's Syndrome Day, and EU Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou (pictured) comments on Horizon 2020.

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Cyprus News Digest

Rosie Charalambous talks about Peace Journalism with Professor Steven Youngblood; hears about the Diaspora Studies Centre Trust; discusses the Kosovo Experience; and is joined by Cypriot political commentator and journalist Andreas Paraschos to discuss the implications of the Cabinet reshuffle and the impact on DIKO of recent resignations. 

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Cyprus News Digest 70314

Rosie Charalambous talks to the Hungarian Minister of State, Ministry of National Economy, Prof Dr. Zoltan Csefalvay, hears about Russian and Ukranian soccer players making friends, and talks to MEP Mary Honeyball about the EU Parliament's resolution on prostitution. 

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