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Cyprus News Digest May 8 2014

This week we discuss the change in Cyprus' policy on renewable energy, talk to Hungary's Ambassador at large for Energy, Dr Anita Orban (pictured); meet Russian businessman Andrey Dashin and his wife Julia as they launch their new charitable Foundation, and hear about "Let's Disrupt Cyprus". 

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Cyprus News Digest May 1st 2014

Wilde Conversations in Nicosia; the Visegrad group looks at energy options in the Eastern Mediterranean; Global Entrepreneurship Week kicks off in Cyprus; the Syrian crisis and migration policy in Cyprus and Europe; photographer Achilleas Zavallis (see picture) talks about his time in Syria documenting the conflict.

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Cyprus News Digest April 24th 2014

Making halloumi in Australia; 60 Cypriot Spiders - a new book launches next week; Ian Gillan of Deep Purple defends the band's decision to perform in the occupied north of Cyprus; Communications Minister Marios Demetriades (pictured) on the role of IT in Cyprus' economic growth. 

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Cyprus News Digest 17 April 2014

Viennese music at the Presidential Palace raises funds for handicapped children; Crimestoppers return to Cyprus looking for 11 fugitives from Gritish justice; the Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) warns that there are safety issues at the Tsirion Stadium in Limassol; and for the first time in 57 years, an orthodox Easter service will be held on Good Friday at Ayios Georgios Eksorinos church in Famagusta. Famagusta mayor Alexis Galanos (pictured) says it gives a message of hope.

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Cyprus News Digest April 10th 2014

The role of civil society in the peace process; the inauguration of Nicosia's new Waste Water Treatment Plant by EU Commissioner Stefan Fule, and Amnesty International exposes "a long-standing culture of impunity, entrenched racism and endemic violence" in the Greek police. 

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Cyprus News Digest

Let's Do It Cyprus plans to clean up the island; could the apathy of European voters change the demographic of the European Parliament? Women take action to defend the right to abortion in Europe - we speak to the President of the European Women's Lobby Viviane Teitelbaum (pictured); The UN Special Advisor on Cyprus, Alexander Downer, shares some thoughts on the Cyprus problem.

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Cyprus News Digest

The deadline for registration for the Euro elections is April 2nd; the International Dean of the Cyprus International Institute of Management on nationalised industries and the burden of austerity; once again Amnesty International condemns the way Cyprus treats migrants; UN Special Advisor Alexander Downer (pictured) prepares to leave Cyprus; Prince Charles wades in on the issue of illegal bird-trapping in Cyprus.

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Cyprus News Digest

This week: Canadian veterans return to mark the 50th anniversary of their arrival in Cyprus as peacekeepers; changes to the UK visa application process in Cyprus; the Ambassador of Finland on Women in Politics; hip hop band Audiopharmacy; March 21st is World Down's Syndrome Day, and EU Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou (pictured) comments on Horizon 2020.

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Cyprus News Digest

Rosie Charalambous talks about Peace Journalism with Professor Steven Youngblood; hears about the Diaspora Studies Centre Trust; discusses the Kosovo Experience; and is joined by Cypriot political commentator and journalist Andreas Paraschos to discuss the implications of the Cabinet reshuffle and the impact on DIKO of recent resignations. 

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Cyprus News Digest 70314

Rosie Charalambous talks to the Hungarian Minister of State, Ministry of National Economy, Prof Dr. Zoltan Csefalvay, hears about Russian and Ukranian soccer players making friends, and talks to MEP Mary Honeyball about the EU Parliament's resolution on prostitution. 

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