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Cyprus News Digest 27th November 2014

The 11th Cyprus Entrepreneurship competition; we talk to Henri Malosse (pictured), the President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), and hear from a lawyer who is risking jail and disbarment by undertaking civil disobedience.

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Cyprus News Digest 20th November 2014

British High Commissioner Ric Todd (pictured) talks about his hopes for his Cyprus tenure; Psychiatrist Dr Brenda Davies returns for a series of workshops; a lecture on the history of Nicosia airfield: from landing ground to international airport.

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Cyprus News Digest November 13th 2014

Proposed reforms for local government miss vital issues; Nicosia's Mayor (pictured) denies mismanagement of the revamp of the city centre; a Pop-Up Festival aims to breathe life back into the dying central shopping area of the capital, and local authorities face allegations of 'irregularities'.

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Cyprus News Digest November 6th 2014

Party leaders address the 10th Cyprus Summit organised by The Economist; Cyprus' Finance Minister says we must stay on the path of reform and avoid populism; Major General Kristin Lund (pictured) becomes the United Nations’ first ever female Force Commander.

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Cyprus News Digest 30th October 2014

Egypt's Foreign Minister (pictured) condemns Turkish incursions into Cyprus' EEZ; shocking EU figures show some 30,000 people are being trafficked in the bloc - we hear about measures to combat the trade in human beings; Evergreen Latzia: Limassol artists act against deforestation; help for the needy via Kindness in a Box.

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Cyprus News Digest October 23rd 2014

Cyprus' Government Spokesman on the response to Turkey's incursion into the island's EEZ; Transport Minister Marios Demetriades discusses hybrid and electric mobility; Cleantech start-up winners; harpist Kathrin Pechlof (pictured) brings a new colour to jazz

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Cyprus News Digest October 16th 2014

We talk to one of the Syrian refugees (pictured) who was rescued off the coast of Cyprus recently - and ask if the government is being totally honest with them about their future; Sir Stelios Hadjioannou's "food from the heart" for needy Cypriots; Dance House Lefkosia promotes its new home.

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Cyprus News Digest October 9th 2014

A transparency/whistle-blowing hotline is launched in Cyprus; we meet the daughter of the only Governor of Cyprus (Sir William Denis Battershill, pictured) who is buried on the island; the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends raises funds for its home care scheme; the International Short Film Festival kicks off with 3D mapping.

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Cyprus News Digest 2nd October 2014

The death toll in the Mediterranean rises, while Europe looks the other way: we discuss Amnesty International's latest report with John Dalhuisen (pictured), Amnesty International's Programme Director for Europe and Central Asia. 'Writing Nicosia'; should we want our children to be happy? And theatre on a rooftop;

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Cyprus News Digest 25th September 2014

The Centre for Visual Arts and Research opens in Nicosia; Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, former president of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (pictured) says Caesarean section rates can have a serious impact on child health; artist Stass Paraskos is honoured in Leeds; Cyprus and the First World War

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